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Insects gooey squeaky chewy, should I eat them no

Is my humor blog on your Friends page? How about in your RSS feed? Well, all right, you can just read the actual thing then. Posted there the past week have been:

Tired of hearing about Motor City Furry Con without seeing it? Look here, at this stuff.


Strangely, my best photograph from the Insects Meet and Greet: Upstar Willington showing off some of his costume. One of the tote-bag sugar cubes is on the left. In the front, LunaVixen shows off the butterfly wings and antennas she donned to belong to the Insects.


My guinea pig hanging around the con suite for Friday's dinner. I don't know what the books are.


One of the distinctive things at Motor City Furry Con's con suite? Faygo and lots of it. Multiple flavors. Even two diet flavors. This fact caused one of our pinball friends to suspect that bunny_hugger is actually a secret Juggalo.


bunny_hugger's stage-puppet peacock making use of the hotel common area to look at his formidable best.


More hanging around con suite with several winged fursuiters. There seemed to be more bats and raptors and other sorts of wing critters this time around.

Trivia: In 1977 Ichiro Endo, working on a piezoelectric device for Canon, accidentally let a soldering iron touch the tip of an ink-filled syringe. The ink boiled, dribbling out of the syringe. The accident would be turned into bubble-jet printers within four years. Source: Small Things Considered: Why There Is No Perfect Design, Henry Petroski.

Currently Reading: Justice at Nuremberg, Robert E Conot.

PS: What's Needed To Pass This Class (Spring 2016 Edition), a courtesy to students in need.

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