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Here where the lens is wide

Oh, so, something of a prequel to Anthrohio and which makes a good buffer between the Saturday and the Sunday reports. My camera, nearly four years old, has got broken a bit. The battery door snapped off when we were at Conneaut Lake Park in October, and while I glued it back together, that fix snapped again during Motor City Fur[ry] Con. And then some bit of dirt got into the sensor during Pinball At The Zoo. I pointed out the spot in a few pictures shared recently. So I had the chance to ponder whether to get a $200 camera fixed and if so where.

And then I happened to be in Meijer's and looked over their cameras. They had a bunch on clearance. I found a couple that looked almost perfect for me, in that they were the kind of semi-professional cameras that let you set exposure times and f-stops and the like. And then I went and blew it by doing so much research about whether this half-off camera might be any good that all the local Meijer's sold out of it.

But there was another camera. And that one they did have at a few stores left. And I got into a should-I-really-get-this research deathspiral before I came to my senses. Those senses were: this is a digital camera with 21x optical zoom, with manually-settable f-stop and exposure lengths and simulated ISO up to 6400. And it hasn't got a spot of something on the sensor. So, the night before we went off to Anthrohio, as I got back from dropping our pet rabbit off at bunny_hugger's parents', I stopped in and bought one. For me, this counts as an impulse buy.

So running through all my picture-taking at Anthrohio was my uncertainty that I was using a brand-new camera right. I left the camera on Auto mode for pretty much everything and hoped it would all be none too bad. And I'm still getting used to a couple little things. The major one is that the view screen is also a touch screen, and I'm still learning how to not accidentally start a round of setting-fiddling. But the important thing is I got a camera far better than the one I'd had and for the price of a consumer point-and-shoot so I shouldn't feel like I did something wrong buying it.

Trivia: New York City's first railroad, the New York and Harlem, was chartered the 22nd of December, 1831. Its first trains were mule-pulled, then horse-pulled, before locomotives were used. Source: The Epic Of New York City, Edward Robb Ellis.

Currently Reading: Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How it Changed America, John M Barry.


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