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Small fry, should be in the school room

And then there's the mathematics blog entries that I would have posted if other stuff didn't get in the way.

Back to Leland now.


Antique car, one of many, just driving around town. I don't think there was any specific antique-car event going on; there's just a lot of old-fashioned cars puttering around town.


And then public art. There's sculptures all over the place much as there are in Northport and Omena and all that. Here's a horse.


Some river running through Leland, which leads to some falls right before Fishtown. It's fine pictures in either direction.


Guys from that garage crowding around another antique car. I think they were bringing this one out of the garage, maybe for road testing. They'd had several vehicles over the course of the day.


And outside Leland: Fischer's Happy Hour Tavern, a frequent dinner spot for bunny_hugger's family back in the day when they'd visit up north regularly.

Trivia: By the 1862 incorporation laws no single stockholder was allowed to hold more than two hundred shares in the Union Pacific railroad. Source: Empire Express: Building the First Transcontinental Railroad, David Haward Bain.

Currently Reading: The Golden People, Fred Saberhagen.

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