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We stayed in a different Kalamazoo-area hotel than we'd previously used, partly because the Red Roof Inn was noisy and didn't have Wi-Fi over New Year's Eve, partly because we had a cheaper place. This invited the question of how the room would go horribly wrong for us. There was an obvious path of disaster: we had the room on the first floor right next to the elevator. It defied us by not actually being too noisy. The room started cold, but it heated up enough that by 3 am I was getting up to try to figure how to turn the heat down without quite waking up. It did have this twist: the light over the sink (outside the rather large, considering) bathroom flickered. Just a little, but, all night. Even though it was off. I tried to pry the cover off the light so I could take the tube out, but couldn't figure a way to do that without demolishing the whole light fixture. Also one of the exterior building lights shone near enough into our window that we couldn't get the True Dark that hotels normally allow.

Also a surprise ahead of the finals: that it was not at 10 am. The Facebook event that everyone but me used to coordinate their gathering said it started at 10 am. But the actual deadline for being at the venue and paying the entry fee was 10:45 am, with play to begin at 11 am. We don't know why the event said 10 am unless it was an attempt to get everybody actually present on time. A search of the e-mails about the event confirmed that yes, it was actually said, back in January, that 11 am was the start time.

The sad news is we didn't find out about this before we'd woken Saturday. If we had known --- or if we had thought closely about MWS, staying at the same hotel and figuring to wake at 9 am --- we'd have slept in an hour longer. The good news in that: we could go to the hotel breakfast! We haven't been in time for a hotel breakfast since maybe our honeymoon? Something like that. A decent breakfast was probably a good idea and if I stuffed myself on those adorable scrambled-egg patties and bagels toasted to much hotter than we get back home, then let me point out they also had a waffle maker and aren't they wonderful to eat? Yes. It's a shame the local diner sold their waffle iron and took them off the menu.

So even though we had a leisurely breakfast of wondering what the heck is wrong with TV news --- and got to see an adult in kigurumi having breakfast --- we got to MJS's pole barn in time to get some further practice in. I did last-minute rehearing on Tommy and Godzilla and could foresee only disaster if SMS picked the latter. I did well enough on Tommy to fear I'd spoiled myself in practice for actual play. And rumors floated, again, that eastside power player AND (and his son) might not attend after all, scrambling the brackets of us lower-ranked folks. They arrived, about five minutes before the cutoff. Maybe they did just want to give everyone something to gossip about after all.

Trivia: Before the 1934 formation of the Federal Communications Commission, it was the Interstate Commerce Commission which held jurisdiction over the telephone industry. Source: Telephone: The First Hundred Years, John Brooks. (I'd never thought about who had charge before the FCC, but yeah, the ICC makes sense.)

Currently Reading: The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen, Kwame Anthony Appiah.

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