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So near yet so far on a carousel, on a carousel

I had one of those four-post weeks on my mathematics blog, which you might have seen on your RSS reader or just your friends page or from following the PS: tags every couple days here. If you didn't, too bad. Here's your next chance to catch up on all this:


Tuscora Park's carousel and some of the open space as seen from atop of the Superior Wheel.


The swinging chair ride as seen from the Superior Wheel. The seats are solid moulded plastic and so there's no slack for fitting in and they're honestly not that comfortable to sit in.


The train station again as seen from the Superior Wheel.


The junior roller coaster and the train tracks over by the lake, and its little lighthouse figure.


The Superior Wheel as seen from a better angle.

Trivia: Among the founding investors in the R E Olds Company was William H Porter, founder of the Lansing Spoke Company. Source: R E Olds: Auto Industry Pioneer, George S May.

Currently Reading: Ozma of Oz, L Frank Baum.

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