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It's been a week of mostly excuses on my humor blog. Did you miss it as it happened? No fears; you've got your chance to see them now:

Now back to Cedar Point's Frontier Trail, which has shops that do crafts even when it isn't Halloweekends season.


Candle shop wares. Bunnies, dragons-or-dinosaurs, some kind of bird on the right, all too cute to actually use as candles.


Wood-carving shop stuff, including one of multiple Schwabinchen figures --- the woman, torso-up, on the right --- that they have in various states of carving and painting but not as far as I can tell put to any use.


A Filipino(?) mock carousel horse that Cedar Point somehow came to own and that's in the wood-carving shop for reasons I don't think I ever got clearly. s


The conference. Animation assignment: storyboard the rest of this scene.


Dragon figure trying to look his best peering down at you even though you're using him for your electric-wire-bundling needs.


One of the very former captive-airship rides, repurposed for the Halloweekends event into a steampunky airship.

Trivia: An attempt by a German housewife in 1838 to poison her husband by lacing his soup with rat poison failed, reportedly, when the husband noticed the phosphorous-laded soup glowing as he carried his bowl down the dark hallway from the kitchen to the dining room. Source: The 13th Element: The Sordid Tale of Murder, Fire, and Phosphorous, John Emsley. (Emsley doesn't specify, like, what city it happened in or who the people involved were, so good luck verifying it. But, it is an interesting story.)

Currently Reading: The First Space Race: Eisenhower and the Quest for Aerospace Security, Nicholas Michael Sambaluk.

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