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Waterloo sunset's fine

We would pay for being out so late. bunny_hugger was to fly back home the next day; I'd be staying in the state for another week to actually go into the office and see people who, I suspect, start to forget I exist when I telecommute too long. Unfortunately the best flight she could find for herself was not quite first thing in the morning, but was close enough. We'd have to be there an hour before the flight, and it'd take about an hour-plus to get from where we were up to Newark Airport, and it takes us something like an hour to get going in the morning, and, well, staying at Casino Pier until after sunset meant we were running on terribly little sleep.

But mercifully and unlike the Flightmare incident there weren't any catastrophes at the airport, no cancelled flights that got anywhere near hers, and no reason to think there would be. We spent some time walking around the airport, renovating because airports are always renovating into less-convenient forms, and discovered in a remote corner by a neglected bathroom with a drinking fountain that was piddling steadily into a five-gallon bucket beneath, the official posting of the airport's terms of acceptable use. It specifies in striking detail what people at the airport are allowed to do and not do, including, that they're not allowed to sleep or ``appear to sleep'' except in designated areas, and that the relieving of human wastes may be done only in the designated bathrooms. We couldn't avoid thinking: each paragraph here reflects an argument airport authorities (not necessarily at Newark) have had.

bunny_hugger figured the time had come to go through security, and we embraced for the last time for a week. I waited outside, listening to terrible infomercials on the altogether too-huge TV screen, until the flight information board said her plane had safely departed, and then I drove back where I'd come, to go to the office for the first time since January.

Trivia: Pope Gregory XIII's reform omitted 4 October through 15 October 1582 because there were no important feasts on those days. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The Complete Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm, Translator Jack Zipes. ``Soon there was a mighty war in England, and the emperor and all the great armies had to travel there.'' Because, historically, if Germany has any one real core competency, it's sending armies into England.

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