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Cause he gets up in the morning and he goes to work at nine

This was the first time I've been to the office since January, since the boss had in the past called me out and I went and he just hasn't been doing that. He'd made some noises for months about how I ought to get out, but had never got around to saying when, particularly, so I finally proposed that I'd come out for this week and if that was a bad idea, let me know. He didn't say anything, so, I went anyway. He never, as far as I can tell, consciously assented to this plan, but then, they paid my expenses anyway. I wouldn't see the boss this time, nor have I heard from him since, but everyone seems satisfied.

I also did get to have one pretty successful meeting and product demonstration with one of the company's clients, someone I've been developing a couple of things for for ages and who stopped giving me feedback after a teleconference back in May. He seemed satisfied that the things he had said he wanted, I actually did, and have been waiting for his feedback on since June, although I was softspoken about that last part.

And I learned as much as I have been able to about the disappearance of the secretary/office manager/general factotum back in spring. Apparently one day she and the boss had an hourlong ``heated discussion'' in his office, and then she was seen storming out carrying a box of her belongings, and she hasn't been seen since. Everyone excepted this to blow over and her to come back, or be invited back, soon after. (The boss is one of those types who accepts, and maybe even expects, people to occasionally yell at him and storm away; I believe he sees it as a sign that one cares about doing things right, whatever the scrapes might be.) Except she hasn't been back, and no one knows why. They didn't change the lock number on the building's doors, the way they do when the very rare firing happens, for whatever that signifies.

Trivia: RJ Mical, one of the designers of the video game Sinistar, went in 1983 to Amiga, and then after 1985 to designing the Epyx Handy Game, which ultimately became the Atari Lynx. Source: The Ultimate History of Video Games, Steven L Kent.

Currently Reading: The Complete Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm, Translator Jack Zipes. I think they might have achieved Peak Brothers Grimm with this (initially omitted) tale about a boy whose stepmother kills him, cooks him, and serves him to her family, and then it gets worse.

PS: My Math Blog Statistics, September 2014, which I think are worth reading about. Sixth thing on the blog since the last roundup.


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