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Most exclusive residence for sale

I'd mentioned some about our yard sale. This was something we'd had planned tentatively for sometime soon, since about when I moved in, and which we kept putting off because it's just so much work to do. Finally though we set a date for about two weeks in the future, and that inspired me to go through my stuff, mostly books, and be pretty serious about removing stuff I didn't read or wasn't likely to read or refer back to anytime soon. This produced something like five of those 60-quart plastic storage bins filled with books. bunny_hugger included some of hers, too, and we also got together some bookshelves I'd gotten from an aunt for free (we never found anywhere to put them), some old video cameras and things like that, as well as some boxes of stuff from her parents. Some of it was kitchen implements. Some of it was a huge box of light bulbs that my father-in-law had assembled because ... I'm not sure, exactly.

Unfortunately the yard sale day turned out to be an abnormally cold one, threatening a lot of rain. It's been a cold summer, but this was a dozen degrees below even that; ``we thought we had scheduled this for September, not November'' was the easiest thing to say to the handful of people who came over and they all agreed. Against normal yard sale procedure our morning hours were the slowest, and things picked up after noon. If we'd suspected how much nothing the morning would have been we'd have slept in, but, again, we'd expected to be selling stuff on a normal September weekend.

As for the proceedings, well, we did fairly well getting rid of some bulky items like the shelves, and someone bought the whole box of 2000's comic books which bunny_hugger had priced at a dime per. We under-priced stuff pretty steadily, it has to be said, especially the bookshelves, bought by someone who also picked up nearly all my Dave Barry books. At least they're going to someone who'll appreciate them. (I still do appreciate them, but I know at this point that I'm never seized with the urge to read Dave Barry's Complete Guide To Guys, say, and if I ever do need to, the library's perfectly adequate for that.) But we didn't get as much stuff cleared out as we might have, and we put most of what didn't sell in the basement where it'll be easy to access for the next sale, tentatively scheduled for sometime in the spring when it is not horribly cold and a little rainy.

Trivia: Vanguard's TV-2 rocket went through three static-test launch countdowns in September 1957, none of which was successfully completed. Source: Project Vanguard: The NASA History, Constance McLaughlin Green, Milton Lomask.

Currently Reading: New Jersey: A History of the Garden State, Editors Maxine N Lurie, Richard Veit.


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