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Can you make friends among people and animals

Of course we didn't give up on the night; if nothing else it was far too early for that. We did get on a couple of other rides, such as the Cedar Downs, the fast carousel with the horses that move forwards and back within their row. bunny_hugger was able to describe her shock at finding out the music on it wasn't unique to Cedar Point and then how she found it on an album of stock sports music (it's called ``Championship Season'' and you can buy it on iTunes, on the All-Star Sports ``Sports Mix'' album).

We thought we could get dinner at the Midway Market, which is probably the best dollar-value full meal at Cedar Point, especially when you have two vegetarians and one trying-to-be in the group. But the market, which offers buffet service, was already closed for the evening by 8:30. We regrouped at Johnny Rocket's, which offers vegetarian patties for most of its meals, although bunny_hugger's brother thought there was something off about his food. In a paranoid moment he worried it was because he had done something or other to annoy the wait staff when he ordered (I think he failed to include a tip when buying) although that seems a little complicated for us.

He proceeded to genuinely shock the guy who offers portrait sketching by going up and ordering a two-person sketch without even asking what they cost. His father had hoped for a park portrait of him and his girlfriend, to match the one he had commissioned of me and bunny_hugger a few years ago. We do not know why her father's so excited by park portraiture, but, he likes it and so why not? The artist this time was rather good, doing sketches that even from the first silhouette outlines looked like the people he was drawing, so, great.

We closed out the night with a ride on one of the antique car rides and then the Corkscrew, and went back to the casino arcade for a little pinball tournament. They've got a dozen machines there, although two of them are Hercules --- a double-sized pinball machine, from Atari, that's got a great theme and lovely artwork but such sluggish play, required by the gigantism of the table and the cueball-sized ball, that people will walk away from it rather than complete their games --- and it turns out you can play the arcade games for about twenty minutes after the park officially closes before they start turning off the lights and shooing people out.

Sad to say, the time spent dealing with the lost iPhone robbed bunny_hugger's brother of the chance to ride Mantis, a stand-up roller coaster tucked away between much more popular rides. It was one of his favorites and we just didn't get close to the ride again (it's close to Iron Dragon, but we didn't think of that when we'd ridden that). A few weeks after the visit Cedar Point would announce ``Mantis's Last Stand'', and that the ride would be squashed after October 17th, so he never got a last ride on it.

Sort of, anyway. The ride is being converted from one in which you stand up to one with actual seats. This will certainly change the experience, although since the track isn't changing it produces a good question of identity as to whether the ride is going away. The name is changing, though, to ``Rougarou'', because all the good names were already chosen or something. I haven't brought it up with him, though.

Trivia: In 1845 Michigan established an Office of Foreign Emigration, to encourage people to move to the state. It was closed in 1885, on the grounds that the yearly expense ($11,500) was too great and the state had a surplus of workers. Source: Michigan: A History of the Great Lakes State, Bruce A Rubenstein, Lawrence E Ziewacz.

Currently Reading: Enslaved By Ducks, Bob Tarte.

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