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Give it a try, you'll see I'm right

After we got back to bunny_hugger's parents, we all unwound some, and her brother shared the bad news about his iPhone. When that was worked out we resolved to go to dinner, at a Mexican restaurant in town, and we had to set out in two cars to all fit. bunny_hugger, alone in my car, approached the restaurant from the wrong side and I had to putter around side streets to turn around. As we reached the restaurant again we found (a) her father pulling away from the restaurant, destination unknown, and (b) that the restaurant was closed. Presumably the owners were taking a holiday. We went to her parents' house so we might phone them and find out what happened.

Their figuring was that the restaurant was closed, so we could all go to the Mexican restaurant just outside town, and somehow bunny_hugger's father had the idea I was making a right turn (which I didn't, and there wasn't any right turn anywhere in town that would take us there) and then ... I still don't understand the logic, actually. As best I can figure he reasoned that we had seen the first restaurant closed and went to the second, and thought we had already left instead of were just arriving. I'm still not clear on that.

And after dinner we went to a bar back in town, where we had a pretty nice hangout and spent possibly too much money buying a string of songs on the bar's jukebox. This ended up being a mix of stuff we'd had particular interest in hearing, stuff that was at least by bands we wanted to hear, stuff that maybe would be interesting, and finally stuff that we could put up with because we still had like four credits on the machine. But we didn't do badly; more than one (or to be precise, two) people complimented us on our little playlist.

After we got back to her parents' home her father, who picked up the tab (it's impossible to get a tab away from him) was seized with doubts that he had left a tip. I would have sworn that he had, and said so. He finally gave in to his doubts and called and they said oh, yes, they remembered our party and that we hadn't tipped (bunny_hugger's brother, with experience as a bartender, said that yeah, when a party like that doesn't tip they get remembered) and so that was reconciled over the phone, at least.

That'd be our last chance to see her brother and his girlfriend that trip. With luck we'll catch them around Christmas, though there won't be any amusement parks open, barring a major surprise.

Trivia: In about 825 France's Louis the Pious ordered the denier coin should be minted at 240 deniers for one pound (about 490 modern grams) of silver. By 865 Charles the Bold had devalued that to 264 coins per pound. Source: Gold and Spices: The Rise of Commerce in the Middle Ages, Jean Favier.

Currently Reading: Vermillion Sands, J G Ballard.

PS: Reading the Comics, October 14, 2014: Not Talking About Fourier Transforms Edition, exactly as I promise. Third of these since the last roundup.


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