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The guests included Wolf Man, Dracula, and his son

On the way back we drove through Grand Rapids, and since it was early in the evening we had the idea: why not play pinball? One of our sister pinball leagues is there, in a barcade called The Pyramid Scheme, and the satellite navigator had no trouble finding it. Also it was mercifully far from the location of Great Lakes Fur Con, so we don't have to kick ourselves retrospectively for hanging around Godot-con as we might have if we'd learned it was just a couple blocks away or something.

It's definitely a more hipster-y place than our league's barcade. They had a pretty crowded area up front with four rows of six to eight machines each, and packed, between people playing machines, and people hanging out around and at the bar, and people gathering for the Man Or Astroman concert in the back room. I had thought Man Or Astroman too big for venues this size, but perhaps Grand Rapids is just that much bigger than I realized. Or I overestimate Man Or Astroman, maybe.

The machines were in pretty good shape, probably because of the relationship I'm not exactly clear on between the people who own the tables and the people who work at the bar. In any case it's more direct than the relationship at our hipster bar. We spent several hours there, to our surprise; we'd imagined on stopping in for maybe a half-hour or an hour or so. If we weren't a bit worn out from the day at the park we might have stayed longer.

Meanwhile, on their Monster Bash, I had what was by far my best game ever, including a Monsters Of Rock multiball mode that scored over two hundred million points and got myself onto the high score table as Monster Of Rock champion. This was --- like it sounds --- part of my best game ever, scoring something over four hundred million points, putting me on the high score table (albeit in the number four position) and into the anomalous position where I've scored better on a particular pinball machine in real life than I have on its Pinball Arcade app version. (The Pinball Arcade versions are biased in the player's favor.) bunny_hugger was also playing the table at the same time, and put up her personal record score, an achievement spoiled a bit by someone else nudging her during her game and by my good fortune.

Trivia: On the 14th of September, 1881, Thomas Edison made an agreement with Henry Villard, of the Northern Pacific Railroad, to develop an electric locomotive comparable in efficiency to a steam engine and able to draw ten tons of freight at sixty miles per hour. Source: Edison: A Biography, Matthew Josephson.

Currently Reading: Michigan History, September/October 2014, Editor Patricia Majher. (I couldn't quite make out her signature on the From The Editor column and I couldn't find a staff box in the magazine, so, I resorted to the Historical Society of Michigan's web site.)

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