austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

And soon I'll hear old winter's song

We hadn't planned to put a net over the pond quite so early this year, but a couple things combined to make it advisable. First is that we had a planned weekend out of town, and while there's really no rational reason that the fish should be more at peril left alone for three nights in a row rather than one by itself, given the losses we've suffered we didn't want to risk it. Unfortunately we didn't have time to pull the net over the pond the day before, and the morning of we were pressed for time in getting the last bits of packing and house-securing done and of course it was just starting to rain.

So there wasn't anything for it but for me to go out and put the net over the pond, in the rain, while bunny_hugger finished the chores that couldn't be done anytime sooner. I've pulled the net over the pond alone before and it's not too hard if you can stop and plan the action out, but the chill and the rain discouraged stopping and planning. We ended up with the net pulled over in a way that was good enough for the weekend but really not my best job. Still, it meant the fish were as reasonably safe as could be for the weekend.

We had planned to take the net off again one back, but that ran against the second reason making it advisable: it's been a cool summer, and there's little reason to think winter won't be setting in early and pretty hard. And yeah, come Monday morning the weather was looking heavily autumnal and leaves were starting to seriously plummet. We've taken some good weather to fix up the net's alignment, and have had to fold the net over to get dead leaves off it twice so far, but boy does it seem too early to have autumn in quite this heavy. Going to be a heck of a winter.

Trivia: Within five months of IBM's unveiling of the System/360 computer system it had received orders equal to one-fifth the number of computers they had installed in the United States. Source: A History Of Modern Computing, Paul E Ceruzzi.

Currently Reading: American Cornball: A Laffopedic Guide To The Formerly Funny, Christopher Miller.


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