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Try your best to win them all and one day time will tell

I failed to mention something about our Other League last month, because they hadn't posted league standings when I had written the post. The league calculates points by putting together groups of four (or three, if need be) people, and each group plays five times, and points are given for the finishing order in each of the five games. By quirks of fate and some lucky last balls I ended up winning three of the games and placing second in the other two, for a total of 41 points. Since this was the first match of the season, that's put me in first place of the entire league, ahead of people like our First League's champion, or the guy who won the Other League's championship last season. They were playing tougher opponents, obviously, and I'm overrated, the result of a small sample space.

This is awfully flattering and amusing --- not least because this means the pinball league on my birthday gave me what will surely be my only #1 ranking ever --- although it does mean I'm expecting to get creamed at the next meeting, tomorrow. bunny_hugger faces the same dread fate: she's tied for fifth place with First League's champion. I might be best off strategically if I skip the next league night, since they cover an absence by giving you three-quarters of your average, and surely 30 points is better than I can hope for until my ranking sinks to where I belong.

Meanwhile, my humor blog: this week's major piece is ``Remember This! Also: How To'', in which I look at what I see as some important trends in society and how they relate to you in your role as person setting out the chairs for the Ohio County Commissioners Annual Lunch. You're welcome. Also running there since last week:

Trivia: When a very senior official at the Ottoman court was sentenced to death they would have a chance to commute the sentence to mere banishment, if he could outrace the bostanci-basha (the Sultan's head gardener and chief executioner) the half-mile through the royal gardens to the Fish-House Gate, appointed place of execution. The last one to save his life doing so was the grand vizier Haji Saliah Pasha in 1822-23. Source: Tulipomania: The Story Of The World's Most Coveted Flower And The Extraordinary Passions It Aroused, Mike Dash. (I should point out I can't find what looks like an independent confirmation of Haji Saliah Pasha's fate online.

Currently Reading: American Cornball: A Laffopedic Guide To The Formerly Funny, Christopher Miller.

PS: Calculus Without Limits 5: Log and Exp, reblogged from HowardAt58, and sixth of these since the last roundup. More calculus-y than my usual, but that might be good for you.

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