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I asked my love to give me shelter

Back at the Hotel Breakers we prowled around the entry way, the Twin Section, and as close as we could get to the rotunda as they're all slated for demolition or complete renovation. The rotunda was already being renovated and we could get dramatic pictures of, like, windows with plastic sheets up instead. One of the hotel's employees talked up how great the new place would look, as we paused near a monitor showing a computer-animated rendition of the new front way. It looks to be attractive, including a more classically imposing entry walk featuring carousel horses (antiques? Replicas?), and moving some stained glass windows from mere display items in the lobby back to being windows. But we couldn't figure out what they're putting in place of the Bon Air wing, or the room capacity they seem to be obliterating. And surely, for example, whatever replaces the current Twin section will have doors of normal width, in frames that have at least some elements square with one another or the floor or walls or anything, really.

We spent enough time walking around the building --- discovering among other things a garbage bin with the previous logo (``The Amazement Park'') still discernable if mostly covered --- as to get cold again. Even I used the coffee machine in our doomed wing, getting what turned out to be the last cup until someone came and brought new grounds. I also watched someone make off with most of a sleeve of coffee cups, which bunny_hugger supposed was for a room party. That's at least as good an explanation as what I could work out.

And we plunged back into the park, where it was colder than the day before even though we were better-dressed for it. The crowd was maybe lighter than Friday's --- our pinball friend and his group skipped the day altogether, going to some of the haunted houses of Sandusky instead --- and after some riding around the attractions near the hotel entrance of the park we ducked into the Town Hall Museum and its collection of historic stuff. Much of it is park stuff, including old maps and mementos and photographs; part of it is the 1897 Steinle Sandusky Clock, one of those monstrously overgrown automatic clocks with gimmicks that don't just show the day of the week or the phase of the moon but also the progress of civilization and --- quoting its ballyhoo sign --- ``THE FOUR PERIODS of LIFE, and IMAGE OF DEATH'', reminding all that Funky Winkerbean is set near this part of Ohio. The museum also has a whole late-19th-century pharmacy, which a docent --- who came up to ask if we had any questions, suggesting he was having a really slow day --- explained the park got in the early 70s when it was building Frontier Town and looking for historic attractions and they learned of an estate sale from a pharmacist whose day went back so very far.

Trivia: In May 1959 Bullwinkle producer Bill Scott offered to hire Phil Eastman, formerly of UPA, to write ``Fractured Fairy Tales'' at the price of $300 per script. Eastman requested $500 per script, including storyboards, at the rate of one every two weeks. The cost was too high for Jay Ward productions. Source: The Moose That Roared: The Story Of Jay Ward, Bill Scott, a Flying Squirrel, and a Talking Moose, Keith Scott.

Currently Reading: Pioneers, Reformers, and Millionaires, Elizabeth A Homer.

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