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Six gallons, I don't need no pills

By the Marina Entrance of Cedar Point is, reasonably enough, a marina, and beside that a seafood restaurant. bunny_hugger likes to pay it an annual visit, normally during Halloweekends, and we picked Sunday night after the park closed as the best time to visit, to take the edge off the sadness of the park's closing, and to eat without losing useful park time. We actually drove there, because otherwise we'd have had to walk from the restaurant back to the Hotel Breakers parking lot around the park, on a narrow trail without sidewalks or deliberate lighting.

We also got to the restaurant close enough to closing we worried they'd closed. But they were still seating, and we got to be the only non-staff people in the restaurant as far as we could tell. bunny_hugger had a view of the Millennium Force roller coaster, but missed the moment when they actually turned the lights on this ride off. The park left the lights on Blue Streak going, though, so who knows what's going on there. We had a pleasant dinner, made --- for her --- of soup and a salad, and --- for me --- a soup and a pasta appetizer. Lacking directions, they brought my soup out first, hers second, causing us to wonder what they'd have done if we had ordered the same kind of soup.

Now, remember that mention about karma? As we paid and got ready to leave bunny_hugger realized that somewhere in Cedar Point her phone had gone missing, just as her brother's had a month earlier and as we'd rolled our eyes about. Hers isn't an iPhone; it's actually an old very dumb phone so old you can get replacements only by eBay and have to fend off the mobile company's offers to give a phone that is up to, like, taking photos. Still, it's just the phone she wants and now it was gone.

Happily it was found by the park. Apparently it had stayed on Mean Streak after we left. They called our home phone to ask her to phone back and arrange for its delivery. Unfortunately since the park isn't open weekdays after Labor Day, security wasn't either, and we had to wait until Friday to get her phone back. Happily they mailed it out right away and the next Tuesday she had a package from Cedar Point and the reunion with her phone. As of this writing we still haven't mentioned it to her brother.

Trivia: A flight crew's training for the liftoff of a space shuttle, according to the published schedules of circa 1980, required 1,116 hours of work, about a quarter of it in classroom instruction and self-paced workbooks. Source: Development of the Space Shuttle, 1972 - 1981, T A Heppenheimer.

Currently Reading: Alley Oop: The First Time Travel Adventure, V T Hamlin.

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