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So as mentioned this was bunny_hugger's birthday, and it's a pretty big one; it's also one coming at a pretty stressful time, and because of the schedule of obligations we weren't even able to go to a Sparks concert for it. But I could give her the gift of music, at least, a gift of the Buggles.

Specifically, I bought the sheet music for ``Video Killed The Radio Star'', and entered it into GarageBand for as best a simulation of a band organ as I could manage.

The song survived the interpolation onto the synthesizer's renditions of a church organ (the closest I could get to a band organ), glockenspiel, and drum kit; it also survived being played in the slightly wrong key (D major rather than D-flat major) and a little bit slow (120 beats per minute rather than 132). I supposed a band organ would need to be a little slower, at least, and the key change offered the most convenient way to make the sound a little consistently off, as band organs are traditionally a little out of tune. The work gave me the chance to realize how carefully crafted the song is, too, in trying to get something that sounded like guitar, synthesizer brass, marimbas, and vocals to come out on church organ and glockenspiel. And I don't want to brag but the final result sounds almost as odd as you imagine.

Of course we're also coming on to a winter that we expect to be horrible since summer never pulled itself together, and I worried about her feet getting cold, so I got a pair of Stitch claw-slippers. Also a Stitch ``Cozy Pajamas'', kigurumi-style, suitable for sleeping or for low-investment fursuiting. Or for just being gorgeous overall. Happily, considering the only measurements they offered were ``small, medium, and large'', which can mean anything, the outfit fits her gorgeously. My darling bride makes a most lovely alien genetic experiment.

Trivia: Easter Sunday of 1583 was the same day on both the Julian (31 March) and the Gregorian (10 April) calendars; this would not happen again for several years after 1583. (It may have motivated Pope Gregory XIII to hurry the calendar reform along in 1582 rather than allow more time for the changeover.) Source: Marking Time: The Epic Quest To Invent The Perfect calendar, Duncan Steel.

Currently Reading: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, September/October 2014, Editor Gordon van Geller.

PS: Echoing ``Fourier Echoes Euler'', or, an Analysis Fact Of The Day I think you'd like to see. Third of these since the last roundup.


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