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When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead

After trick-or-treating ended, we went up to our hipster bar, because they were having a costume party and bands playing and all that. bunny_hugger got out her rabbit partial fursuit and I put on my coati ears and tail and we came in to find, first, that there was a nice variety of people wearing pretty good outfits, including a Tom Baker Doctor Who, Aquaman and what I assume to be Mrs Aquaman, masquerade and carnivale characters, witches, Adventure Time characters, a couple Ponies because of course, the works. A good blend of characters. Also there was the guy who organized the Lansing Pinball League, and two of his friends, one of whom was just joining the league, the other of whom is one of the best players in it. The best-player friend looked as close to flabbergasted as his relaxed personality lets him get to see bunny_hugger in costume. She played, too, several games, some of which turned out pretty well considering she had a field of vision nearly as wide as half a pinball.

When we got out from pinball bunny_hugger got a healthy number of photo requests, starting with one Korean-looking guy who ran up to her and squealed at the awesomeness and insisted he had to have a picture with all his friends --- and me in the background, he insisted --- and it'd go kind of like that. People like big rabbits wearing Michigan State sweatshirts, at least in Lansing. Most were pretty good about coming up and asking, which is good, as bunny_hugger could hear almost nothing between her suit and the metal band playing extremely loud and fast (``we've got four more songs, which should take us about two minutes'').

We were getting closer to midnight, and things were getting a little ... bar late on a drinking holiday. I started feeling wary when I saw a guy come up to Tom Baker Doctor Who, and get shoved by the Doctor and fall onto the floor. But the guy took it as almost comical --- maybe he exaggerated how much he was shoved so he could be the clown? --- but I was ready for a fight with the potential to be a viral video to break out.

Then a very drunk guy calling bunny_hugger awesome came up and pawed all over her. He grabbed her, shook her around, started giving her head a noogie even. She screamed for me, and I pushed myself between him and her and tried to figure how to get a very drunk guy off the idea of mangling the fursuiter. I tried telling him --- and then I had to yell into his ear, because of the band --- that the suit was fragile, he was going to break it, he had to be gentle, it's very delicate. My guess was this was less likely to escalate the situation than ``stop battering my wife, you drunken lout'' would have been. He --- understood may be a strong word, given his apparent state --- accepted this and begged for a picture, and I figured that a picture of him with her was the best way to buy time and get her out of the scene.

He gave me his cell phone to use, and I don't know how to work that. I think I had my finger over the flash, if it worked at all, so he got a picture that was a black shape with a vague outline of another black shape. And so help me my inner camera nerd said I had to take another picture because that didn't come out, and he said no, it was great, without seeing it. I assume the next day he woke up feeling a bit hung over and wondering what he did with a giant white rabbit the night before, and looked at his phone, and wondered why that didn't help any.

We fled, and do not believe that her costume sustained any serious damage. But, well, neither of us imagined someone at the bar breaking one of the furry fandom's handful of actual rules, don't touch the fursuiters without invitation, so that ended a great night on a terrifying moment.

Trivia: Charles Evan Fowler's design for the Ambassador Bridge, connecting Detroit with Windsor, Ontario, is largely the same design he proposed for a bridge to cross the Hudson River. Source: Engineers of Dreams: Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America, Henry Petroski.

Currently Reading: Ignition! An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants, John D Clark.

PS: Some Stuff About Edmond Halley, whose birthday just ended (Eastern Time). Fourth since the last roundup.


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