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And home's the most excellent place of all

bunny_hugger's birthday coincides with her parents' anniversary, and that makes for a natural big dinner to have together. They came up on Monday, which was before her birthday and their anniversary, yes, but it was convenient because they had to return our pet rabbit. We'd left our rabbit with them for a last overnight trip to Cedar Point on the weekend, which you'll hear about in plenty of detail soon enough, never fear.

Before going to dinner, though, her father had his current new enthusiasm for LED light bulbs to deal with: he'd bought a bunch of LED bulbs that he promised will last for decades and he's been raring to install them in every light socket we have. This is admittedly more enthusiasm than we have for replacing light bulbs, although there was one unmistakable light-bulb improvement here: the bulb in the garage door opener that we'd always assumed was broken was actually just burnt out and with a replacement bulb the opener gives a nice couple minutes of light as we open the door, just enough for most needs. He also got a couple panes of glass to replace those surrounding a light fixture for the backyard, easily installed.

He had wanted to install an LED bulb in our kitchen fixture, but when we got the cover off, which is something I'd never managed to do on my own, we discovered the bulb was a weird long skinny thing that seems to be hard-wired into the fixture. If it ever goes out we'll have a serious problem, but it's been going fifteen years with no hint of wearing out so maybe we just don't have to worry about that. No, we have no idea why the light bulbs in our house are an issue her father feels strongly about, but, it is and he does and we hope this has given him some comfort.

For dinner we went to Clara's, a restaurant made in the former city train station, which serves your classic non-New American cuisine, and a lot of it. We had leftovers for days.

Trivia: An imperial rescript of 398 AD provided that anyone drawing off the water used for Rome's grain mills would be fined five pounds in gold, unless he immediately desisted. Source: A History Of Mechanical Inventions, Abbott Payson Usher.

Currently Reading: Ignition! An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants, John D Clark.

PS: Reading The Comics, November 9, 2014: Finally, A Picture Edition, fifth of these since the last roundup. A whole bunch of mathematical comic strips, some of them not by Ruben Bolling.


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