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I had a dream on a back lot; I saw my life like a long shot

Were you wondering how our Other League turned out? That's the one where bunny_hugger got put into a tie for fifth place, and I got really inappropriately placed in first place, going in to the second meeting. Well, we had the meeting and while I didn't actually get shellacked, I did have the embarrassing situation where I'd have scored more points if I had skipped the night and accepted the penalized-average they use as a placeholder for people who miss a meeting. That's left me closer to where I probably actually belong, although I think I'm still overrated.

I didn't win any of the five table we played, even the weird Lights Camera Action which I picked as the first table to play. It's a weird late-80s game (available on the Pinball Arcade app), and my little group played a lot of games from that era. This may reflect some kind of (help me) pinball hipsterism: games from that era are much more standardized than earlier machines, but they're still kind of weird, and don't have easy paths to win excessively many points (the way, say, Medieval Madness has). So they can be great equalizers, if you think you're playing better people than you, and it's easy to think that if you've got a slight edge in strategy that might pay off. It didn't on Lights Camera Action for me, but overall, it did leave our group more closely balanced than was probably fair.

And my mathematics blog has been gently accruing posts so let me share them with folks in one big useful pile:

Trivia: William Cooke and Charles Wheatstone's original five-needle electric telegraph of the 1830s could indicate any of twenty letters. They omitted C, J, Q, U, X, and Z as sendable messages. Source: The Victorian Internet, Tom Standage.

Currently Reading: Benjamin Thomson --- Count Rumford: Count Rumford on the Nature of Heat, Editor Sanborn C Brown.

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