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She had a horror of rooms, she was tired, you can't hide beat

We took our pet rabbit to bunny_hugger's parents, to watch overnight. He somehow hadn't run out of the arthritis medicine that was supposed to be a one-week supply, and we gave that over to them with the warning that he liked it a lot. Her mother did not realize just how very very much he liked the medicine. She didn't imagine that he was going to grab the syringe from her hands and try to slurp up all the medication at once. I'd warned the medicine was maybe his favorite thing in the world, but even so, that was a strong reaction. The second night they had him, bunny_hugger's father gave him the medication, through the bars of his cage so that the leverage was less in the rabbit's favor.

We brought him there early in the morning the day after Halloween, because we actually had one more amusement park trip planned: an overnight visit to Sandusky to see Cedar Point on the final day of its Halloweekend festivities (Saturday) and then the final day of its entire season (Sunday). It was also cold and windy, as the last bits of the storm that had made Halloween so lousy finished up. But it was also the closest we could hope to get to being in an amusement park on bunny_hugger's birthday. If it wasn't enough to go to Cedar Point for the novelty of a November visit, the near-birthday event would have been enough.

Meanwhile, what's going on in my humor blog? There's a selection of things since last week; please enjoy any of these or a whole bunch of other articles posted there:

Trivia: Before World War II the average French citizen spent eight percent of his income on housing (the European average was twenty percent); by 1945 this had dropped to two percent. Source: Otis: Giving Rise To The Modern City, Jason Goodwin.

Currently Reading: Benjamin Thomson --- Count Rumford: Count Rumford on the Nature of Heat, Editor Sanborn C Brown.

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