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Well she could've been a killer if she didn't walk the way she do, and she do

We checked into our hotel, an Econo-lodge just outside Cedar Point, and luxuriated in the warmth because even though my car was warm, the air was very much not, and was windy, and the room was warm and I believe bunny_hugger made coffee.

In the Cedar Point parking lot we ended up way at the end of the lot and discovered a pretty respectable-looking home with private circular driveway and all that, and a string of homes past that. Are they owned by Cedar Point? Are they people with the mixed fortune to live just outside the amusement park's parking lot? We don't know, but we never realized there were houses there before, either.

The park's entry sign warned that because of weather conditions -- like the gale warning that had just expired a couple hours before, and the strong winds that were still blowing across the peninsula --- some rides might not be operating today. This was an understatement; a lot of rides were not operating. I'm not sure what the exact boundary was but basically any sufficiently tall ride was down: GateKeeper, Raptor, Top Thrill Dragster, Magnum XL 200, all these were not running. Even some rides that didn't seem like they should have weather problems, such as Pipe Scream, weren't running, although that might have been coincidental, or a staffing-related problem. It was a cold and windy day, and it was after Halloween, so this promised to be one of the lowest-attendance days we'd see at Cedar Point and it lived up to the promise.

We ran to Blue Streak, since that was running and who knew when that might go down, and got some idea how tough it might be getting efficiently into seat belt harnesses given how many layers we were wearing. I had on, without exaggeration, five layers of clothing on my upper body and three on my lower. At that I was chilly. We didn't quite have any seat belts unable to buckle but it came close, especially on the Calypso ride (a kind of Scrambler that's on an inclined plane, and that has light-bulb palm trees that've been growing more sparse with time) beside it.

The flip side to the point recovering from heavy storms is that we had great light, and as we arrived near sunset we got that wonderful evening glow alongside a setting sun and prominent clouds. If you're needing pictures of Blue Streak tinted pink by the setting sun, or the Calypso ride with angry red clouds cracking open above it, this was the trip to take.

Trivia: Zinc phosphide (Zn3P2) was first made in 1867 by on M Vigier, and was prescribed as a way of ingesting phosphorous in 100 mg packets, containing one part the phosphide to about ten parts starch power. Source: The 13th Element: The Sordid Tale Of Murder, Fire, and Phosphorus, John Emsley.

Currently Reading: They Satisfy: The Cigarette In American Life, Robert Sobel. So just before World War II a company was experimenting with coffee-flavored cigarettes. Which is absurd, although, doesn't it seem like that ought to be due for a comeback?

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