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Waiting at the lights, know what I mean

We'd get a rare chance to sleep in between days at Cedar Point. One factor was that it was the end of Daylight Saving Time, so we had an extra hour whatever we did. Another was that since it was such a low-crowd day Saturday, and should be Sunday, we could comfortably skip early admission; this came to two extra hours of sleep. We might have got up early for the hotel's continental breakfast but that would've spoiled sleeping in and who ends the weekend breakfast service at 10 am?

So we got to the park at about its normal opening hour (just about check-out time for the hotel), in time to see the Casino arcade opening up, and to see that the staff was disassembling the corn maze set up in the adjacent Kiddie Kingdom. The Saturday was the last day of Halloweekends; this Sunday would have no Halloween events, but was merely a ``Customer Appreciation Day'' while staff that'd been brought on for Halloweekends struck down what decorations they could.

One of the consequences of it being Customer Appreciation Day: one-dollar soda. They were even selling that year's souvenir drink bottles for a dollar each. I kept thinking over whether to get the souvenir bottle, commemorating the new Pipe Scream ride, and circling around the argument: I'd never use it and it'd be something to haul around all day. But it'd be neat to have and it'd just be a dollar. (In principle the bottles could be used in future years for cheaper drinks, but again, that's extra stuff to haul around and stow somewhere on rides.) Ultimately we didn't get it. We also didn't get the buffalo-sauce fries that we'd hoped for, because they had run out of the buffalo wing sauce for the season. We did eat indoors, though, in the Casino arcade, because we'd learned there were seats in there and that was a much better place to sit in weather that was maybe as cold as Saturday, though much sunnier and not as windy, which made the whole day much more pleasant.

Since it wasn't a windy day, everything, or nearly everything, was running, up through to Top Thrill Dragster. We were walking past it and realized that the launched train wasn't going to clear the hill, and would roll back, so bunny_hugger shouted to the crowd ``It's not gonna make it!'' and drawing attention to the wonderful rare chance. People applauded when the car did fall back, and come to a stop, and we tossed congratulations to the people who had the rare rollback event. It happens we didn't ride Top Thrill Dragster this trip either, or this year, although that probably would've been the day to have as near a walk-on as possible.

On the Corkscrew ride, on its launch platform, we had a great view of the Hotel Breakers and the Twin Section, already --- already! --- demolished, the front open and exposed to the elements, with plywood and plastic sheets covering up work. Since this also demolished the entrance we wondered what guests at the hotel were doing that week. Some prowling around the edge of the park made us conclude that the hotel was closed that weekend; the parking lot appeared to be closed except for work vehicles. This would cover the problem of how guests would get into the hotel, at least.

Trivia: Sri Lanka produced 675 million pounds of tea in 2000; this was a record for the country. Source: Tea: Addiction, Exploitation, and Empire, Roy Moxham.

Currently Reading: In Pursuit Of The Unknown: 17 Equations That Changed The World, Ian Stewart.

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