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Her knees started saggin', now she's on the water wagon

Success! With the O-ring in place and the new plug for the new tub we got the leak rate down to no appreciable water with the tub one-third filled and sitting, devoid of fish, for a day and a half. So with that as a confidence builder I spent Wednesday moving buckets of water from the old tub to the new, and when the water was almost out of the old, fish too. I'd had fantasies of counting the number of baby fish while doing this, but that was too hard to do.

Over the course of the following day, the plug leaked something under a teaspoon of water, which out of a hundred gallons is a pretty tolerable rate. And the fish seem to be reasonably content if sulking, and the ammonia level is holding at near-enough-zero. This hopefully will hold through the winter.

I also set up a lamp, with one of the compact fluorescent bulbs otherwise replaced by LEDs in the house, which might sustain the coon's tail plants brought in with the fish. If we could keep the plants thriving through the winter then surely the fish would appreciate it.

Meanwhile, what's on the humor blog? Since last Thursday there've been such posts as:

And today's major piece is Some Ways That I Act Like A Guy, about just what it says. These are, I hope, the ways that are not perfectly awful.

Trivia: Alexander Stephens was sworn in as (provisional) vice-president of the Confederate States on the 11th of February, 1861, five days before Jefferson Davis could even arrive at the capital in Montgomery, and seven days before Davis would be sworn in. Source: The Confederate Nation 1861 - 1865, Emory M Thomas.

Currently Reading: Archduke Franz Ferdinand Lives! A World Without World War I, Richard Ned Lebow. I am deeply amused that Lebow chose to demonstrate his ``best plausible world'' by describing the writing career of an Isaac Asimov whose family did not leave Russia (and where there's not a Great Patriotic War to get him killed in the 1940s). It also makes me wonder about an interpretation of the Foundation Trilogy designed for its alternate-history counterpart and whether that might be a defensible reading.

PS: Reading the Comics, November 20, 2014: Ancient Events Edition, because a couple comics gave me the chance to mention stuff from thousands of years ago. Second of these since the last roundup.

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