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Oh, yes: we'd also wanted a snack and we were right by the candy shop on the Frontier Trail and so was everybody else in the world because they were selling stuff at pretty big discounts. One guy who worked for the park --- I'd initially assumed at the store, but that couldn't be --- asked when the store was closing because he wanted to grab some cheap candy but didn't want to wait through the line and blow his break for it. The result: I got some Boyer Smoothies for about what they'd cost in a non-Cedar Point store, and bunny_hugger got a Cow Tail for sixteen cents, or, as we will put it to our dying day, she bought candy at Cedar Point and got change back on a quarter.

We finally got a ride in on the Lake Erie Eagles, the flying scooters ride that Cedar Point put in this year. (It's possible we rode it earlier in the year and I just forgot.) I don't know what's got Cedar Fair putting these in all their parks, but, it's a good solid ride. We also went back to the Pipe Scream, which was actually stopped when we first tried to ride it. The ride slides back and forth on a curvy W-shaped track, and rotates from a pivot on that track; we saw it in front of the ride station but twisted about thirty degrees out of line and not moving. They had a mechanic coming out to do something about it, though. When we got back hours later it was running fine.

This was our first chance to examine Mantis, in its post-closed and partly-renovated form. Well, our first chance came on riding adjacent coasters like Iron Dragon or Millennium Force, where we could get above-ground views of it, but those views were of limited use because of the speed and because something --- we're pretty sure a hat --- went flying off someone in front of us on Millennium Force. From the ground, though, we could see not actually very much else. There's repainting, obviously, and they seem to be smashing out concrete at the station platform, presumably to handle the new seated trains taking the Mantis trains' place. The ride sign was as close as we could actually get to it, and they took out the circular shield with the Mantis logo from it, leaving just a base and an arch. bunny_hugger posed for a picture stretched out and lying across the semicircle where the logo used to be.

For dinner ... there's this sports bar, near the Blue Streak, replacing the sports bar that used to be in the same location; and they've been taunting us (and other parkgoers) with ``crab fries'' all season and we gave in to temptation and went inside to see what they might be like. (Well, I don't claim to be vegetarian, just, trying to be.) They were out of the crab powder or whatever makes them more than just fries. We instead got a white pizza on paper-thin crust, and what the menu suggested was a tower of onion rings but was really just a basket, possibly because they ran out of onion ring tower sticks. We'll have to evaluate the desire for crab fries anew for next season, if the place hasn't been changed by then to an entirely different sports bar.

We were getting near the end of the day, and figured to get to the back of the park, for Mean Streak and particularly Gemini, which had only been running a single train rather than racing on both tracks all day. Given what we'd learned the previous month about the minimum number of riders Gemini needed to run, operating just the red train made good sense. We speculated about being offered rerides, which didn't happen on Mean Streak but did happen on Gemini.

In fact, we got offered a second re-ride on Gemini, and figured yes, this was perfect: three rides in a row on this, and then we'd be able to return ot the front of the park, ride one or more of the carousels, and close out the year on Blue Streak. We were so young and naive then.

Trivia: From 1935 most of Reuters' news transmission to Europe was done by a kind of wireless tape machine developed by Dr Wolff Hell and known as the Hellschreiber. It could transmit 66 words per minute (in good normal operating conditions). Source: The Power Of News: The History Of Reuters, Donald Read.

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