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Strings of street lights

The weekend before Thanksgiving is when Lansing holds its annual Silver Bells In The City, an open-air shopping market and electric light parade and the lighting of the state Christmas Tree, all in one big event shortly after sunset. It's early, seasonally, for Christmas stuff but obviously it'd be harder to do the day after Thanksgiving, and the week after Thanksgiving runs the risk of it being mid-Michigan December weather when it happens, and so they compromise. We've gone each of the last several years, although bunny_hugger's parents declined to attend this time.

We almost did too, because of a terrible conflict: our second pinball league, the one in Brighton, had its third session of the season at 7 pm that same day. The parade would still be going on at that hour, and the tree-lighting was estimated for about 7:30. Even if we set out the moment the tree was lit we couldn't possibly get there that night, and the Brighton league's structure is such that you can't really drop in late that night and play. On the one hand, pinball league; on the other, a parade and tree-lighting that happens once per year. And this was the 30th Silver Bells In The City event, too. We thought about it a lot, and decided, and reconsidered the decision, and finally chose the Silver Bells over the pinball league.

Our decision wasn't without controversy. For one, this would hurt our league standings. Many pointed out, the way the Brighton league adjusts scores for absences, and given our good performance on the first meeting, that we should have skipped the second meeting instead of the third, so we'd be better ranked. (But then if we're playing people below our skill level next time, mmm.) And one of our friends --- the champion of our home league and one of the top people in every league --- took to taunting bunny_hugger about going to see a ``scrawny'' and ``Charlie Brown Christmas tree'' being lit in favor of playing, like, FunHouse. Such are the things that lie behind epically eventful nights.

Trivia: Twelve new banks and thirteen marine insurance firms were established in New York City in 1825, the year the Erie Canal opened. Source: The Epic Of New York City, Edward Robb Ellis.

Currently Reading: The Lagoon: How Aristotle Invented Science, Armand Marie Leroi.


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