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The people that you meet each day

I'm sure you're wondering what's going on with our neighbors. We're wondering too.

The house north of us, where we lost our good neighbor last year, and the replacement quiet-and-all-right neighbors over summer, was filled in the fall semester. Those folks were nice enough --- and they decorated for Halloween, a big mark in their favor --- though they did have some friend who'd come pulling into the driveway after 3 am, stereo pounding, and sit forever before turning the car off or leaving. He stopped doing that, though, after bunny_hugger opened the bathroom window and hollered at him (although he didn't stop that night), and all's been reasonably peaceful since. Only now they seem to have vanished; is it possible they've moved out and we have to start worrying what a new set of neighbors is like?

Across the street the neighbors have decorated their house quite well, with house lights and lighted trees and all that. The problem is they've also been parking a U-Haul style truck in the street, completely blocking the house. If it were just while they were moving in (or out) that'd be understandable, but you don't need a U-Haul style truck every night for over a week. Also, putting the car in front of the house is a mystery; I understand that their driveway is filled (and how do they fit that many people in the house, then?), but, right next door is an abandoned house and if they just parked there they'd be hiding a minor neighborhood eyesore and showing off a well-decorated yard. Why not that?

The least mysterious neighbors are the guys in the house just south of ours. But they have the strangest thing: underneath the windowsill of their kitchen is this glop that looks kind of like what you might get if you threw a pot of clam chowder out and some stuck to the shingles. Only it's underneath their kitchen window, so we can't figure how it could've got there if they were throwing it out of the house. If they were throwing it from their car into the kitchen the dynamics kind of make sense (but how would you miss at that angle?), but the motive behind throwing something from a car window into the kitchen window doesn't make sense, especially in late autumn-to-early winter. They haven't cleaned it and I was getting ready to scrub down their wall when I noticed them driving home; I may be annoyed enough to clean their house for them but I'm not quite bold enough to do it while they're watching.

If all this strikes you as a vast pile of ``yeah, what the heck?'' then you know what the block has kind of been like lately.

Trivia: The passenger terminal at the Albert Kahn-designed Ford Airport in Dearborn, Michigan --- possibly the first passenger terminal in the United States --- was a building measuring 52 feet square. Source: Naked Airport: A Cultural History of the World's Most Revolutionary Structure, Alastair Gordon.

Currently Reading: The Lagoon: How Aristotle Invented Science, Armand Marie Leroi.


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