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What a bright time, it's the right time to rock the night away

Our Thanksgiving started with finishing off house-cleaning (we'd gotten a bit of a start the days before, particularly in cleaning around the pet rabbit's cage and dusting off the knicknack shelves) and watching the Detroit Parade, formerly Hudson's. Comparing that to the Macy's parade I have to agree: Detroit's is more fun, mostly because it's more quirky and homegrown and doesn't stop the action every twelve minutes for a musical number. (Though we did find it hilarious and wonderful that Kiss was in the Macy's parade, and even more so that they were apparently upset about the way they were treated for some reason.)

When bunny_hugger's parents arrived, her father went to work on replacing the kitchen light switch. Neither of us know why he's on this light-improvement-project kick and we also don't know what problem is being solved by having an on-off rather than a dimmer switch in the kitchen but it seems to be making him happy. Weeks later I'm still not used to it. He's hoping to also fiddle with the lights in the basement to better illuminate the plants in the fish's tub. I'm honestly curious what he'll do when he's got through fixing the lights in our house and his up to his standards.

Thanksgiving dinner itself was grand, and rather less stressful than normal, as bunny_hugger and her mother embraced the decision to pare down the menu to a basic set. This allowed, among other things, all the food to get cooked simultaneously, no swap-outs for oven space or stove burners required, and bunny_hugger (who takes the lead in Thanksgiving-preparing) was able to see and chat with her parents instead of worrying about things, and was able to come and watch parade events.

In the rush of the day I wasn't able to phone my parents, but I did e-mail them. And I caught them on the phone the next day, confirming that all went well in their first Thanksgiving living in South Carolina For Some Reason, with my sister and her husband, and one of my aunts (and her son) visiting for the affair. So everything's in good order.

Trivia: Within a decade of opening the Detroit department store, J L Hudson's had branches in Toledo, Sandusky, Grand Rapids, Cleveland, Buffalo, Saint Louis, and Saint Paul. Source: The Grand Emporiums: The Illustrated History of America's Great Department Stores,

Currently Reading: Hunger: An Unnatural History, Sharman Apt Russell.


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