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You gotta be proud standing out in the crowd when the odds of the game defy you

We had the last match of the Lansing pinball league's regular season and, sad to say, bunny_hugger had a worse-than-average performance. The result is that she lost her #10 spot and finished up the third season of the league eleventh, of 24 people who played in at least one match since September. It's disappointing that she couldn't get to a top-ten position, but she is in the top ten of people who were in the league before a block of Grand Rapids sharps joined Lansing.

Also and really shocking to me: while I was back to a more average performance last week, I had just enough of a lead that I stayed ahead of our league's organizer (!) and finished in third place (!!). This is really the first competitive position --- the top two spots are taken by the state's top-ranked player and the guy who could most plausibly unseat him --- so, good grief but I might actually be getting good at pinball.

Last week, my big humor piece was one ``In Which I Try Stirring Up A New England Cheese Controversy'', which turned out to be pretty popular because people like talking about cheese. Go figure. This week's big piece is probably going to be less beloved, as it's ``A State Of Constant Change'', about the way we're never going to have quarters and other (United States) coins that just stay the same year after year ever again.

In-between that, I spent Monday, and Tuesday, and also Wednesday just making fun of a single shot of a single episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which may strike you as pretty lazy, but keep in mind it was from a first-season episode.

Other stuff that's run since then: my Friday night cartoon was Popeye: Out Of This World, a curious bit of mid-century modern futurism and not much else; Statistics Saturday: What Average People Think Are Rodents Versus What Biologists Think Are Rodents, a quick and useful guide, and This Is What I Get For Noticing Stuff (Also, Mathematics Comics), pointing out something that was just on the verge of being neat about my readership statistics. Is this self-indulgent and self-pitying? Only technically, by which I mea, yes.

Trivia: Hernán Cortés established what may be the first cattle ranch in Mexico. His first ranch hand, who may be the first cowboy in the mainland Americas, was an African slave. Source: 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created, Charles C Mann. (Sadly Mann doesn't seem to name the ranch hand, or I'm overlooking it.)

Currently Reading: All The Truth Is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid, Matt Bai.

PS: The Short, Unhappy Life Of A Doomed Conjecture, about the side of mathematics you never see: when you fiddle around and determine there isn't actually anything interesting going on. I explain how I found quite so much nothing in only 1500 words.

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