austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Nothing but shattered dreams

My mechanical pencil broke. I use this mostly for one or two generally awful sketches a day, in the hopes I'll someday build art skills, but don't really spend enough time to make progress. Still, it was a good pencil; I bought it in a pack of three from a Staedtler company representative who'd set up a display stand in the RPI bookstore, in early 2001. I don't remember what it cost, but there was a 50 percent off tag on it, and as I'm just on my second pencil it looks like my basic pencil needs may be met through to 2013, so I have to conclude it was a good deal.

My bookbag broke, too. The loop by which the shoulder strap hooks to the bag had been fraying, steadily, for about a year, but since the quarter-inch strip left of the original inch of material had held without obvious change for months I supposed that might hold indefinitely. Nope; the remaining bit just pulled apart all at once. I've got backups; my dad got a bunch of slim bookbags from a plastics company he used to be a consultant for, and which plastered their name over stuff and gave it away like they were a dot-com. I just had to pull another one off the shelf.

It probably goes without saying I also just ran out of deodorant and toothpaste. I got a stockpile of that tasty cross-gender toothpaste when I was back home, but I'm curious what bit of entropy is going to creep up next. Yes, I'm aware the iBook finally exits its AppleCare Protection Plan in four days. My most recent full account backup was Monday.

Trivia: The Algerian national football team is nicknamed Les Fennecs. Source: The Uncyclopedia, Gideon Haigh.

Currently Reading: History of the Second World War, Basil H Liddell-Hart.


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