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And so I'm offering this simple phrase

When Grand Art Supply closed down I bought a lot of sketchbooks, and I realized it was possibly too many, considering the rate at which I sketch things. Coincidentally, my mother mentioned she had bought my nice a board game I'd been planning to give her for Christmas. So this combined to thinking that I ought to donate some of the sketch books and the board game to Toys for Tots; the sketch books would be along the lines of something bunny_hugger usually gives, the kind of thing that older kids, who apparently get neglected in toy donations, can use. I got a couple artist packs of multiple pencils and pencil sharpener and eraser to go with and picked a couple of the sketchbooks.

The trouble was finding a place to donate them. The neighborhood library, where bunny_hugger donated things last year, didn't have a box and the people there were unsure whether they were supposed to be a Toys For Tots donation spot, which to me suggested they were not. bunny_hugger had told me that Biggby's coffee shops were all donation spots this year so I stopped in one on the way to the post office and they weren't sure if they were supposed to be either, which, as above.

Finally I stopped in a library branch near the post office and asked; they said they were supposed to be a Toys For Tots donation center but they never got the box or organization information for it. This implies some major organizational issue at work in the Lansing area. They did say they were collecting donations for (some other project whose name I forget), so, I brought the board game and sketchbooks-and-supplies in there and hope those go somewhere useful.

Trivia: An early rule of the Federal Writers' Project was that writers had to produce at least 1,500 words per week to earn their paycheck, a standard few besides experienced journalists could reliably meet. Source: American-Made: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA, Nick Taylor.

Currently Reading: Wheels Stop: The Tragedies and Triumphs of the Space Shuttle Program, 1986 - 2011, Rick Houston.


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