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But I'd like to get a job on TV for some of that soap they advertise

We decided to have a little open-hour party, primarily for the Lansing pinball league but also for the people we know who could drop in, which is mostly Lansing pinball league folks because nearly all the people we know are online and it's too much to expect someone to come in from San Francisco for a four-hour affair. Also it's been ages since bunny_hugger threw a party in the house --- we hadn't had one since we got married, not counting the gatherings connected to the marriage --- so it was time, right?

So you know what the problem is with having the house open to guests who've never seen it before, right? It's cleaning the house ahead of time. I admit I have a family habit that's particularly anxiety-producing to bunny_hugger of setting things, mostly books, down on any horizontal surface, so that what looks to her like clutter and looks to me like nothing's even there accrue around the house. That took multiple rounds of me moving stuff around to get into some kind of control. (Helping matters, oddly, is that the bookshelf we relocated so the Christmas tree could go somewhere had some empty space due to the move --- it's complicated, trust me --- and I could tuck books there.)

But there's also the more general, thoroughgoing cleaning that neither of us really likes doing because it's stuff like scraping the grill or trying to get the bathroom mildew under control. Dusting is easy enough, and vacuuming no real problem, but when it gets to the tedious stuff of cleaning, well, that's stuff that always seems to be done late at night when you're really fed up and why does it have to be stuff that's just out of convenient reach that you have to get? We called it a night shortly after I decided on really no good grounds that I had to clean the Venetian blinds in the bathroom, which had maybe been cleaned when Venetian blinds formed in the early Triassic period but not much since then.

So that was hours of tedium and annoyance and generally exhausting work, but on the bright side, we got the house tolerably clean and we're still enjoying that now, after the open house.

Trivia: Among the cost-cutting measures taken at Ford Motor Company in 1920-21 was the discontinuing of office pencil sharpeners; employees were required to bring their own knives to work. Source: Ford: The Men and the Machine, Robert Lacey.

Currently Reading: Wheels Stop: The Tragedies and Triumphs of the Space Shuttle Program, 1986 - 2011, Rick Houston.


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