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Girl, you just don't realize what you do to me

Oh, yes, so this Christmas thing. We had the main event with bunny_hugger's parents and her brother, and pretty happily so. I had found for her a Sparks CD from the ``Two Hands, One Mouth'' tour, although not from the leg of the tour we went to. Its playlist is near but not identical to what we saw in concert. I'd also got for her a Kinks album that I thought was an early-80s rarity, based on the hot-pink neon-style lettering, but which turns out to be an early-70s rarity, which makes the main cover art of blocky semi-faceless people in a crowd more sensible but leaves the hot-pink neon letters seemingly anachronistic. And I surprised both her and her brother with a J G Ballard novel; I understand his being surprised, but bunny_hugger and I had mentioned a week ago Ballard might be a good gift for him, and bunny_hugger was the cashier at the bookstore I actually bought the book from. But you know how bookstore clerk/patron confidentiality goes.

Among received things it was a very ringed-tail holiday: bunny_hugger gave me the DVD for Guardians of the Galaxy, which we had meant to but failed to see in theaters, and I was kind of expecting that. What I hadn't expected was that she'd find a copy of Jungle Shuffle, a perfectly awful-looking CGI animated movie about coatis that was a Mexican-Korean co-production. She, of course, found its German DVD release. (It's in multiple languages and region code 0.) It really looks like it should be spectacularly bad so we're looking forward to the spectacle.

And the really surprising ring-tailed gift: a red panda kigurumi for me. The Stitch one I gave her for her birthday was an astounding success; she wanted to return the favor. But I'm a very tall person, so I probably couldn't fit in an Angel costume, and many other outfits. The red panda was one of the few I could plausibly stand in. And I do: I fit very well inside this warm and wonderful critter suit. And I suspect if I get to a furry con and say it's a coati kigurumi nobody's going to argue plausibly with me.

When I showed off the look to everyone, bunny_hugger's parents' dog --- who had remarkably not gone into barking fits on noticing I still existed this trip --- looked at me and backed away, without ever breaking her gaze on me. I think I look great (and if I tuck the hood down I have a passable Deep Space Nine uniform too), even if it does scare a very nervous dog.

Trivia: Pasteur was born in Dole, France, on Friday, 27 December 1822, at about 2 am. Source: Louis Pasteur, Patrice Debré, Translated by Elborg Forster.

Currently Reading: Annihilation, Jeff VanderMeer.


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