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Please have snow and mistletoe

Though we closed the Arcade out probably we shouldn't have, sine we had to get up in the morning and drive to Detroit. bunny_hugger's brother was coming home for Christmas and it would be either us or his parents driving out to get him. We went out to pick him up; they'd go out to send him off. We got off to a very slightly late start going out to meet him (we had to stop at the ATM as well as drop off cards in the mail), but that was fine as his flight was off to almost exactly the same late start going out to meet us. We parked, got into the terminal, and I went to the bathroom just about exactly on time to see him.

The Arcade in Brighton was having a Free Play Day, and we offered to take him to that so he could see the pinball machines and video games and all, but we were also prepared for the idea he wouldn't feel up to it. As we drove into the airport we also realized that it was farther out of our way to go to the Arcade on the way to his parents' home than we realized, but he was up for it and we certainly were too, so we drove in and introduced him to this arcade. We were also able to introduce him to our pinball friend, as well as the guy I was partnered with at the Zen Tournament this season; he'd been talking about going but we didn't know he was actually going to the Free Play Day.

bunny_hugger's FunHouse high score had dropped off the board, and my own had dropped to #3, but we played a couple rounds again and what do you know but I got the #1 high score again, somehow. We only spent a couple hours at the Free Play Day, as it turned out her brother had plans to meet some friends for dinner, and we didn't realize. We knew vaguely he had plans but not that they were set for any particular hour; for that matter, we'd expected him to be tired more than committed to a schedule. So we said goodbye to the folks we see all the time, and forgot to say goodbye to my Zen Tournament partner, and drove the awfully long way to their parents'. bunny_hugger and her brother both finally gave in to the exhaustion of having done so much the whole day, literally, two miles before the turnoff from the highway to their place and so didn't get to nap properly.

After they all got caught up with one another, bunny_hugger's brother went up to shower and head out, and she and her parents and I went out for dinner. We hung around at their place after dinner a while, pretty much to do anything besides go home and back to house-cleaning ahead of the party for Sunday. But that was something we could do only for a couple hours and we yielded eventually to the unavoidable.

Trivia: The value of office and store machinery and equipment in the United States dropped from 160.6 million dollars in 1920 to 114.0 million in 1921. Source: Before The Computer: IBM, NCR, Burroughs, and Remington Rand and the Industry They Created, 1865 - 1956, James W Cortada.

Currently Reading: Annihilation, Jeff VanderMeer.

PS: Reading the Comics, December 27, 2014: Last of the Year Edition? although if I decide to talk about calendar comics this might not be the last set of mathematical comics of 2014. Second mathematics post since the last roundup.

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