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He's Mister Hundred and One

It's been ages since bunny_hugger threw a party. I don't think I ever have, properly. We despaired of getting everything together in time, but we were pretty close: we had the fire lit and the warm snacks heated not fifteen minutes after the planned starting time, and before anyone arrived. We were starting to worry nobody would show up when a suspiciously-moving car proved to be our first guest. It was one of the league folks, one who'd missed almost all of this season and who we hadn't expected was coming as he's not on Facebook and so missed most of the announcements. But, still, great to have him. Before long we had a nice little group of folks from pinball, including the friend we keep seeing, as well as bunny_hugger's brother and, for a while, a friend of bunny_hugger's from grad school (the one we went to the Jazz Festival with). Neatly the first couple hours ABC Family was showing miscellaneous Rankin/Bass specials, so we could have those in the background (or the foreground, for the Cold Miser/Heat Miser song, per request) as things started, and moved over to some of our Christmas records after that.

We had imagined that at some point we'd start up the Wii and play virtual pinball for the obvious reasons, but somehow that moment never quite arrived. We all talked a lot, some about pinball, some about movies, some about amusement parks --- our Christmas tree has a lot of amusement park ornaments on it, and we have dolls from Waldameer and Holiday World on the sofa --- and about the dragon and coati and rabbit plush that decorate the house. The real hit of the afternoon was our pet rabbit, who we let out of his hutch, where he'd been sulking because we had put away the pen that lets him out on the floor. He took the chance to nibble a little at the tree (like we told people he would), and to yoink the Holiday World ornament as we were talking about Holiday World. And as everyone noted, he's quite large, and one of our pinball league friends wanted to get a picture holding him. We didn't think his holding the rabbit was a good idea --- the rabbit is tolerant but there are limits after all --- and accepted as compromise him standing next to bunny_hugger while she held him. And he got to enjoy for days afterward how many people were talking about what a big rabbit he was.

The open house was just meant for four hours, though it ended up about five hours as we waited for the last logs in the fireplace to burn out. Then those who hadn't had to leave already all went down to the Avenue, a couple blocks away, to play actual pinball. The Avenue had just got in a fresh machine, Theater of Magic, though at the cost of removing The Addams Family, a swap we don't understand at all. We played a couple rounds of that and Attack From Mars, with bunny_hugger going off and having a side game of Theater of Magic that was one of her all-time greats just as, of course, she was due up on Attack From Mars. You know how these things go.

Eventually we were all exhausted enough that the party broke up, and everyone went to their respective homes. At ours we realized the front door was left ajar, but we seem to have got through it shaken but not entered. On to the cleaning-up.

Trivia: The lunar rovers used in Apollo were constructed lightly enough that they had to be supported by special racks when tested on Earth, lest they collapse under the weight of the occupants. Source: Where No Man Has Gone Before: A History of NASA's Lunar Expeditions, William David Compton.

Currently Reading: Annihilation, Jeff VanderMeer.


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