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Slice up the fruitcake

As ever I was the last one to rise Christmas morning, because I sleep like that, and because I was still decompressing from the rush of stuff the weeks before. bunny_hugger was too, although she had a worse sleep since we were on the inflatable mattress. I slept fine on that, because I can apparently sleep on anything, including a concrete embankment with spikes, but she has a less forgiving back. But we had easy-bake cinnamon rolls and hovered around while everyone figured out whether it was time to open presents and eventually it was.

I though I had a mediocre year for buying gifts, not as quirky or as personal as in past experiences, nothing like the who's-who-among-alumni I found for bunny_hugger's father last Christmas, or the Stitch kigurumi I gave bunny_hugger for her birthday. It probably came out all right, though, especially for bunny_hugger's mother --- I think we've got extremely compatible tastes in nonfiction which makes her easy to find books for --- and her brother, who was at least a quarter of the way into the J G Ballard book I got him before he left the next day. I also found a Conneaut Lake Park charm bracelet for bunny_hugger, tiny but, I hope, an augur of good luck for it as it faces doom yet again this year.

We never did get the Wii U controller working, but got in a couple more games of Williams Hall Of Fame pinball, not just FunHouse (I insisted on playing a table called Jive Time, an electromechanical that hasn't been adapted to the Pinball Arcade app, unlike most of the other tables in the Hall Of Fame collections), as well as several rounds of Betrayal At The House On The Hill, including two done while bunny_hugger's brother made dinner. We also decided formally to spend a second night at her parents', despite the inflatable mattress, which gave us much more time to spend with her brother and her parents, and let us get in another couple rounds of Betrayal. Her brother's win streak finally ended, in one game where I was the Traitor and managed the objective of killing off the other characters. (You know, Christmas used to be a time for telling ghost stories, so I guess playing Betrayal isn't that ridiculous.)

Before we quite knew it the time had got well past midnight and everybody was wiped out so we finished the Betrayal game and went mercifully to bed.

Trivia: A whale was reported in the Thames River in 1842. Source: The Age Of Paradox: A Biography of England 1841 - 1851, John W Dodds.

Currently Reading: The Lives Of A Cell, Lewis Thomas. Mid-70s pop biology so that's probably why the exciting world of pheromones was like the fourth essay.


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