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Swim if you can

As I was buying the Bambi Super-Secret Two-Disc Special Edition from HMV (for some reason their price tag dates the movie as 1998), all the monitors were busy playing scenes from The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, out on DVD. The only things that make this noteworthy are that the movie didn't irritate me nearly as much as the actual show does -- in fact, I chuckled at the line about not needing a license to drive a sandwich -- and that the scheduled release date for the movie in Singapore cinemas is 17 March (though the Asian Premiere was late January and held on Sentosa Island, I presume near the Undersea World). Have I mentioned recently that the various DVD zones are an enormous waste of time and shelf space?

I also noticed they've got Chris and Marty Kratt's Be The Creature, first season, released too. That set features the lemur, kangaroo, and of course the controversial mongoose episodes. In amongst the cartoons also was an animated version of Rob Roy, just the sort of heartwarming tale to give young Jacobites. Finally (there's a lot of pop culture in these journal entries lately) there's a rumor of a Region 1 DVD release of DangerMouse for May; certainly I'm looking forward to it. DangerMouse was an important part of my comic education, and an excellent primer for understanding even more British comedy.

Trivia: Walt Disney won 20 Oscar statues and nine further plaques and certificates. Source: Guinness Book of World Records (1982 Edition), Norris McWirther.

Currently Reading: History of the Second World War, Basil H Liddell-Hart.


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