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You asked for it! If you're porsupah, anyway, and since you're a reader on Livejournal there's an excellent chance that you are. Anyway, I found the RSS feeds for my humor and my mathematics blogs, so that you can read them by whatever RSS reader you find convenient. (RSS is such a great solution to reading stuff on the Internet --- bunny_hugger notes, it's kind of the good stuff about reading Usenet, but for general content --- that it's a mystery why it isn't really successful.)

Anyway, if you want the RSS feed of my mathematics blog, that's, with a Livejournal Syndicated version set up so you can, at least in theory, add it to your Friends page. I haven't seen this actually working yet, though. (There is also an RSS feed just for its comments, but I'm not sure that would even make sense to read given that I haven't really got a community there.)

And for completion, is an RSS feed for my humor blog, with its Livejournal syndicated partner following close behind, I hope. (And I have a comments RSS also, which is infinitesimally more readable as more people chat over there, but it's still not very much.)

Also, since it has been over a half-dozen posts since my last roundup of mathematics posts let me summarize them for you. They are actually kind of summary in nature anyway, because it was a busy season for me.

Trivia: Sam 'n' Henry --- the forerunner to Amos 'n' Andy --- debuted at 10 pm on 12 January 1926 on WGN. Source: The Adventures Of Amos 'N' Andy: A Social History of an American Phenomenon, Melvin Patrick Ely.

Currently Reading: The Dolphin And The Deep, Thomas Burnett Swann.


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