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I don't wanna be a number, just like being a prisoner

You know what I've spent a couple weeks at, at work, dealing with? An annoying error in geographic information services that I finally tracked down to the problem of one GIS provider giving the Feature ID, an index of the things that are on a GIS layer, a number that starts counting from zero, and another source that figures the number and starts counting from one. As far as I can tell there is absolutely no way to make either source see things the other source's way.

On the one hand, I love the sense of triumph in tracking down a mysterious and newly-appearing bug, and I'm very glad that it wasn't my first suspicion, which was that in the two or maybe three projections of the Earth's surface involved in the project one of them was just different enough to be causing the trouble. On the other hand, the answer proved to be such a boring one. Where's the justice in that?

Meanwhile: my humor blog. You've been reading it directly, or by RSS feed, or by Livejournal Syndicate construct, right? If not, then, here's the stuff it's had the last week:

Trivia: The Wright Brothers's Flyer models of 1907 allowed for the pilot to ride in a seat, rather than lie prone as those of 1903 and 1905 did. Source: First Flight: The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Airplane, T A Jeppenheimer.

Currently Reading: A Brief Guide To Oz: 75 Years Going Over The Rainbow, Paul Simpson.

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