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bunny_hugger checked in online, which is normal in airlines anymore even though I cannot accept the logic in saying you are ``checked in'' when you are nowhere near the airport. She found the system offering only one boarding pass, for her. The system didn't seem to acknowledge my existence at all. So I called their ``Contact us'' link and waited on the phone long enough that I wondered if I should have phoned the emergency number we'd had from the cancelled flight on Saturday. The slip claimed the number was activated only for that flight, but that had to be a bluff. And yet if I did hang up I'd lose all the benefits of my sunken cost fallacy.

Finally they hired a customer service woman with whom I admit I was snippy --- I told her I was in a much better mood thirty minutes earlier, when my call started --- but she eventually worked it out: somehow, when we were rebooked on Sunday, bunny_hugger's reservation was separated from mine and so I existed in that indeterminate state of existence that everyone who tries to fly anymore enjoys. The customer service woman gave me a new reservation code and bunny_hugger entered it; we wouldn't be seated together, annoyingly, but at least we would be on the same flight, if nothing else went wrong.

What went wrong the next morning was the fire alarm started to beep. It was apparently the ``battery dying'' alarm, that once-a-minute beep just long and just rare enough not to let you figure out which alarm is doing the signalling. And then it got joined by another alarm. I woke horribly drowsy and wandered outside, and asked my mother, ``Are we certain the building is not on fire?'' She was confident that it wasn't, and that it was just some alarm, somewhere, beeping, and somehow apartment management wasn't able to do anything about it right away. I went back to the bedroom and told bunny_hugger the news and then, in an action she still hasn't forgiven me for, fell back asleep. So, yes, I can sleep through pretty much anything, which is hard on my dear love who can't. The beeping eventually, eventually, came to a stop, but it was hours and it wrecked bunny_hugger's last morning.

Trivia: Charleston, South Carolina, began collecting weather data in 1670 and maintained the service until the national observatories took over in 1873. Source: A History of the United States Weather Bureau, Donald R Whitnah.

Currently Reading: The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture, and Deviance at NASA, Diane Vaughan.

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