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Just put your foot down with an awful whomp

Remember last week when I had a really good game of The Walking Dead pinball and I predicted humiliation for me every time we played it during league? We played it during league on Tuesday and, yeah, I flopped. I scored about 11 million, which is worse than I did the very first time I ever stepped up to the machine without any idea what it might do. This rounded out a night of one good game --- Theatre of Magic, the devilbunny-starring machine --- and a catastrophically bad Tales of the Arabian Nights and a poor Simpsons Pinball Party.

Before the night started the league's champion asked if I had tips for The Walking Dead and since I had no idea what I did to do well I had to hold out my hands, helplessly, and suggest, ``don't lose the ball?'' I hate the feeling he thinks I might be holding out pinball secrets on him, but surely my performance overall proves that I wasn't. And whatever it is was going around; our other pinball friend had a night only marginally better than me, thanks among other things to an outstanding game of The Walking Dead.

Have you been reading my mathematics blog, by RSS or by Livejournal Syndicate feed? If you haven't, well, here's the things you've missed since my last roundup of posts:

Trivia: The first mass-produced baseball bats were made by A G Spalding and Company in a factory in Hastings, Michigan, in 1879. The factory burned down in December 1887. Source: A Game Of Inches: The Story Behind The Innovations That Shaped Baseball, Peter Morris.

Currently Reading: The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture, and Deviance at NASA, Diane Vaughan.

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