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Brush off the clouds and cheer up

So, the fresh problem after we got our bags: it was cold in Detroit. It was below freezing in Charleston, yes, but it was hovering between zero and five degrees in Detroit. We expected that feeling where the air seems to sting because your exhalations are turning to ice in your mouth, and the weather didn't disappoint. Happily my car wasn't far off, and we found it quickly. Unhappily, the hatchback door was frozen locked. The main door was a little frozen but I was able to open that, and the car started up well enough so there'd be hope for it to warm up.

I tried to open the hatch again, and just as bunny_hugger warned me not to pull to hard, I pulled too hard, and the bit of the hatch panel that the trunk release is hooked up to went flying loose. It dangled from one wire and I groaned about how I'd finally done real damage to my car. Also we didn't have a way to open the trunk, and I had the silver behemoth suitcase to put somewhere. I improvised, pulling the rear seats down and pushing my car forward enough that I could push the suitcase into the car from the front. I tried to drive gently enough, but was pretty sure I heard the panel thingy falling loose and just resigned myself to whatever dealing with this would require.

Happily, the piece --- called a ``garnish'', I would learn --- didn't actually fall off; the thumping we heard that we thought was it falling off must have been its twirling around on its wire. The dealership had to order the part, since somehow they don't stock small parts of the paneling for six-year-old Scion tCs in black, but that happens. And this ended up costing nothing, because it turns out repairing the garnish was covered under my extended warranty. Also it turned out I have an extended warranty. Also it turns out they have things called ``garnishes'' that are smaller parts of hatchback hoods.

They also fixed a broken light for the licence plate, and that wasn't covered under the warranty, but it came to $20. I approve of car repairs that cost less than a hardcover book.

Trivia: The physics term ``relativity'' was not coined by Albert Einstein but by Henri Poincaré, and Max Planck was the one who applied it to Einstein's work. Source: Coming Of Age In The Milky Way, Timothy Ferris.

Currently Reading: The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture, and Deviance at NASA, Diane Vaughan.

PS: How My Mathematics Blog Was Read, For January 2015, which is what it says. First of these since the last roundup, if you didn't already see this article from the RSS feed of my mathematics blog or by its Livejournal Syndication.

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