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First you pop, then you stop

Our pet rabbit used to have an annoying habit of chewing on his plastic litter bins, but mercifully, he stopped doing it. Until, in about the last two months, he's picked it up again. It seems to have started after one night when we left him inside his hutch, without space to run around, because we'd wanted to keep the floor clean for the company visiting. Maybe he started chewing it out of boredom and discovered he liked it again (rabbits love few things more than chewing), but, gah. It's mildly annoying to me, but it couldn't be a more agonizing sound to bunny_hugger and so he can ruin her night with just a little nibbling.

I don't know how to get him off chewing the bin without setting up an unwanted association, like, ``chew on this, they come over and deliver food''.

Meanwhile a bunch of posts have gathered on my mathematics blog since the last roundup here. If you've missed them, please consider:

And, if you want, you can get entries as they are made from the blog, or from its RSS feed, or you can add it as a Livejournal friend and read it on your own page, as you like.

Trivia: Among the reasons the American National Standards Institute adopted a seven-bit ASCII code in 1963 was that punched paper tape, still in common use, might be too weakened if eight holes were punched across it. Source: A History of Modern Computing, Paul E Ceruzzi.

Currently Reading: A Tenth Of A Second: A History, Jimena Canales.


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