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We're feeling clean, a little crowded as we're singing in the shower tonight

A couple weeks ago I bought some birdseed, and emptied it into some of the plastic bins, and along the way spilled a bunch of seed into my trunk because the bag ripped open faster than I expected. I figured I'd vacuum it out at the car wash sometime when it wasn't so cold, since it had dipped below freezing.

We got several weeks of freezing weather in, then, with the temperature dropping even below zero overnights. So, yesterday, I stopped in at the car wash and vacuumed out the trunk, because it was all the way up to 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

And meanwhile my humor blog --- on RSS feed, too, or added to your Friends page --- has had something every day. Among the things, lately:

Trivia: Glen Eyrie, a stone castle complete with turrets, was built in 1906 by William Jackson Palmer, the railroad magnate who founded Colorado Springs. It was bought by oil millionaire George Strake in 1938, and sold to Billy Graham's religious group the Navigators in 1951. Source: The Big Rich: The Rise And Fall Of The Great Texas Oil Fortunes, Bryan Burrough.

Currently Reading: Before The Mayflower: A History of Black America, Lerone Bennett, Jr.

PS: How Not To Count Fish, fourth mathematics piece since the last roundup. This one's about how fish-counting is a tougher thing than you might think.

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