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No more Mister Nice Guys

I got to cleaning our pet rabbit's litter bins and hutch, and that's normal enough. Since I wanted to vacuum the carpet underneath, too, I guided him over to another carpet and set up the play pen around him. This got him roused, certainly, and he started hopping around with energy. He's been more energetic than usual lately, but this was more so. I did set his bed out, and gave him a stick to chew on and everything, but he started chewing on the bars, the way he does when he's offended and/or wants something more. Or is just being a little obnoxious, must be admitted.

I got one of the litter bins emptied and put some fresh shavings into it and set it in his area in the hopes this would soothe his anxiety, but no good. He didn't just stand up probing around the edges of the play area, but he even started leaping at one of the corners. I've never seen him attempting to leap over the edge before and while I don't think he could make it, I can't say it's absurd that he might either. And I don't want him getting the idea that it's a good notion to be leaping out of his play area since we depend on the fence to give him some room to play overnight and when he's not being watched, and yet keep him away from all the consumer electronics he might otherwise eat the buttons and power cords off.

Anyway, I got his hutch and all the bins cleaned, and moved the fence over so I could vacuum the carpet separately. He spent the time after the litter-cleaning as he usually does, sitting inside and sulking about the insult done him somehow. I'm just hoping it hasn't given him sinister ideas.

Trivia: The hypothetical rabbits of Fibonacci's original problem --- the pair which produces a new pair every month, and new pairs begin breeding at two months of age --- would in the first year produce 376 pairs of rabbits. Source: Know-It-All, A J Jacobs. Also addition.

Currently Reading: Looking For A Ship, John McPhee.


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