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Your molars grind, your canines tear

I got the dentist's postcard, asking me to set a checkup and cleaning appointment, and did so in almost record time. Partly that's because I want to cut out this weird delay between when they ask to see me and when I go in; it's not like any dental issue is ever improved by waiting longer to discover it. Partly that's because bunny_hugger needed some of the prescription toothpaste she uses, so I had reason to go to the office and despite feeling like it was kind of weird to ask for an appointment at the actual office I overcame that feeling of indistinct weirdness and got the first date they had available. Also, the receptionist recognized me by sight. This really weirds me out because we've seen one another about five times ever, and it's not like she could have expected me to be coming in when I came in to make an appointment. How do people remember faces and names like that? It must be some kind of trick.

Anyway, my actual appointment, barely a week later, went swiftly. As before I don't have any important dental issues and I was praised for the good shape my teeth are in, even though nearly none of that is the result of anything I have anything to do with. There was a potential start to trouble, though, in that I have a lot of root exposure on my back teeth. There's these kinds of shelves of enamel you can imagine food debris getting caught under. There's no reason to do anything about this just yet --- there's no auxiliary problems they're causing --- but I was warned to make sure I brush those teeth softly, and in circular rather than cutting motions. I'll try but it's so satisfying to get a big toothpastey lather going, isn't it?

Trivia: The third month of the Babylonian calendar, Sigga, was dubbed Simanu in the Semitic calendar and Panemos in the Seleucid calendar. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Looking For A Ship, John McPhee.

PS: Reading the Comics, February 28, 2015: Calendar Reform Edition, fifth mathematics piece since the last roundup, if you didn't have it on your Friends page already or use your favorite RSS reader to get it.


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