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Father wears his Sunday best, Mother's tired she needs a rest

And then news from my parents, in their happy new home in a suburb of Charleston, South Carolina: they're moving. They are not giving in to the fact they spend three-quarters of their time between Baltimore and Boston, though; they're moving from the apartment complex they're in to another apartment complex just across the street.

The reason for this is that their lease expires in May, and the landlord management company LLC is raising their rents by something like 25 percent, and they're not going to put up with that. The search for a new place was apparently not too challenging; my father says the new apartment is in a newer building that's about a hundred dollars a month cheaper, which really stuns me because I believe they are already paying about what I had for a one-bedroom back in Troy a decade and a half ago, and besides being on the first floor it seems to be the same apartment they have now: two bedrooms, overlooking the pool and patio area, although according to my father it has a more logical arrangement of rooms.

So, my parents have the last of their old college friends coming down right this month actually to see the place, and then someone from my mother's alma mater is visiting possibly partly for alumni association business (the alumni association, and the school in general, are going through crises like they're going out of style), and then they get to seriously packing up everything they'd finally got unpacked.

Trivia: On 19 March 1954 John Paul Stapp rode the first run on the Holloman high-speed track; this was his 27th rocket-powereed sled test. Source: Animals In Space: From Research Rockets To The Space Shuttle, Colin Burgess, Chris Dubbs.

Currently Reading: Measurement: Definitions and Theories, Editors C West Churchman, Philburn Ratoosh.

PS: Pi Day With A Friend, who appeared on local TV news. First of these since my last roundup, in case you didn't see it already on your friends page.


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