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Please don't eat the daisies

So as one set of neighbors seems fine, and some folks down the street seem fined, it's time for cosmic balance to find something infuriating in the other neighbors. Remember the ones who somehow had chowder or something stuck to their walls underneath the kitchen window last fall? bunny_hugger saw how it must've happened, as one of them poured a pot of something out the window onto his driveway. So from this we conclude they don't have a working garbage disposal, and they aren't all that good at throwing stuff out windows away from their own house. And that it's impossible to be at peace with both the north and south neighbors simultaneously.

Meanwhile, over on my humor blog, the past week has seen such posts as:

You could be reading this all as it's published on your Friends page, or through your preferred RSS reader, if you like.

Trivia: Thomas Twining's tea shop opened in 1717 next door to his coffeehouse, which enabled women to buy tea themselves: coffeehouses were men-only, and servants were rarely trusted with the large sums of money required to buy tea with the other household items. Source: A History Of The World In Six Glasses, Tom Standage. (I admit I'm surprised some deal wouldn't be worked out between householders and tea merchants to send less money on the streets at any one time.)

Currently Reading: Measurement: Definitions and Theories, Editors C West Churchman, Philburn Ratoosh.

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