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Born of cold and mountain air

The ice on the pond finally started to visibly melt, which is a relief as it was getting a bit creepy. It'd also been stuck to a rock or something, causing it to stay underneath an inch of melt, which is all the more spooky. But warmer days made most of the ice go away, and only thin sheets reformed as it touched at or below freezing at night.

And then, beneath the ice --- either through the hole created by the (broken) pond heater or visible through the translucent ice crystals --- I saw at least one orange baby fish. At least someone made it through the winter and we're very hopeful that more did. As the pond gets clearer we should be able to tell.

Meanwhile, on my humor blog, there's been another week's worth of posts. Among the featured articles:

If you want to see these as they come in, add them to your Friends page, or you can locate an RSS reader, which for some reason isn't included in your web browser anymore because, what, we were all too happy otherwise? I dunno.

Trivia: The (emergency) retrofire burn for Gemini VIII was done while the capsule was out of radio contact with the ground. Source: First Man: The Life Of Neil A Armstrong, James R Hansen.

Currently Reading: A History Of Money, E Victor Morgan.

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