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Everyone's a bit of a fixer upper

We've managed to do a bit of letterboxing again: bunny_hugger discovered that some new boxes have been hidden around Lansing since she last looked for them. One was planted near the farmer's market/garden store we rely on for fresh vegetables and candies, in an area we realize now has a lot of hotels all clustered together. The box almost evaded us but I found that a feature we'd assumed was fixed in place actually slid. We'd gone out with a replacement logbook, as the comments on Atlas Quest (the major US letterboxing clue site) said it was running out of space, but the book looked about half-empty, and in pretty good shape, so we set it back and kept the replacement logbook.

We would need the replacement logbook at another letterbox, this one in a park near the Meridian Mall, as that box's logbook was filled up and even had some extra pages folded into it. But the replacement log we brought was too big to fit in the box, so we marked the size of the box and bunny_hugger brought our replacement book to her office and the heavy-duty paper-cutter there. Also, there were a lot of people hovering around the park that day, so we had to look inconspicuous while we waited for the crowds to clear, which is why we played a couple rounds of horseshoes to rules I kind of vaguely remembered, I guess.

We returned the next weekend with the replacement book, which fit this time, and only had to wait for a couple who were getting a lot of photos taken around the park and the historic buildings around it. We weren't sure what they were doing; possibly scouting out places for a wedding, but they seemed to be taking a lot of photos, and posing overly much, for that purpose. But maybe we don't understand modern wedding-location scouting.

This gave bunny_hugger a new experience in the letterboxing hobby, though: she's never before had the chance to collect a filled letterbox logbook and mail it to the original planters, who'll get to enjoy the souvenir of a box that survived nearly three years (it was planted shortly before our wedding) and got filled up with people's stamps safe and sound. So we're glad to have that now.

Trivia: In 1804 Napoleon ordered the capital of the Vendée department moved to the small and nearly eradicated town of La Roche-sur-Yon; the new town was named Napoléon or Napoléonville. At the Restoration it was renamed Bourbon-Vendée. In 1848 it became Napoléon-Vendée. In 1870 it reverted to La Roche-sur-Yon. Source: The Discovery Of France: A Historical Geography, Graham Robb.

Currently Reading: A History Of Money, E Victor Morgan.

PS: Reading the Comics, March 26, 2015: Kind Of Hanging Around Edition, some more mathematical comic strips. Fourth of these since the last roundup.


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